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Academic Calendar

Healing Hands Institute has an open enrollment and operates at a continuous basis, 12 months in a year. The beginning date of the program and its length in weeks determine the completion date. The maximum completion time of any program is the number of weeks of instructional time multiplied by 1.5. If the regular completion date is 10 weeks for a program, the maximum completion time will be 10 x 1.5 = 15 weeks.

January 1st
New Year’s Day Observance (No School)
January 2nd
Class return
January 15th
Martin Luther King Day Observance (No School)
February 14th
Valentine’s Day Celebration – School Campus activity
February 19th
President’s Day Observance (No School)
March 17th
St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – School Campus Activity
May 14th
Mother’s Day – School and Community Activity
May 28th
Memorial Day Observance (No School)
June 18th
Father’s Day – School Campus Activity
July 4th
Independence Day Observance (No School)
September 3rd
Labor Day Observance (No School)
October 8th
Columbus Day Celebration
October 31st
Veterans Day Observance (No School)
November 12nd
Halloween Celebration – School campus activity
November 22nd
Thanksgiving Day Observance (No School)
December 21st
Winter brake
December 24th
Christmas Eve (No School)
December 25th

Christmas Day (No School)
December 31st New Year’s Eve (No School)
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