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1200 Hours: 60 weeks


The objective in the cosmetology program is to train students in the Skills needed to meet the competencies for the examination required by the State Board of Cosmetology. Our program prepares the student to meet the educational requirements of the Department of Business and Professional Regulations and Florida Administrative Code. Upon successful completion, the students will be awarded a diploma and will leave with the necessary knowledge and skills, required for State Board exam licensure


This program has been created to provide a formation in Cosmetology that complies with the requirements established by the governmental organizations. It is also designed to train the students in the skills required by cosmetologists in their beginning level which includes: Professional development, Ecology, Basic Anatomy & Physiology, Electricity, Chemistry, and the Salon business. All services for the hair such as theory and hair care, design decisions, cuts, procedures, styles, wigs, extensions, chemical textures and hair color. Manicure and pedicure services are also included as well as the study of the skin, theory, care, hair removal and make-up. The program includes 500 clock hours of classroom training (Academic Instruction), and 700 clock hours of service requirements (Practical Applications) under the supervision of a Florida Licensed Cosmetologist. 


Meet admissions requirements.

Course NumberCourse Title
Theory and
Number of Services Total Clock hours
HHCO 101
Professional Development and Ethics 2020
HHCO 102
Salon Ecology and HIV/AIDS 2020
HHCO 103
General Anatomy and Physiology4040
HHCO 104
Chemistry and Electricity 4040
HHCO 105
Scalp Care and Hair Design 20 200180220
HHCO 106 The Salon Business and FL Law 2020
HHCO 107 Haircutting and Styling 20360300380
HHCO 108 Wigs and Hair Additions 20601580
HHCO 109
Chemical Texturing208065100
HHCO 110 Hair Coloring 15454560
HHCO 111
Manicure / Pedicure 408030120
HHCO 112
Facials and Hair Removal 604025100
HHI Website Lead V Short Form