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Nails Technology

240 Hours: 12 weeks


The objective of this program and curriculum is to provide complete training in the field of nail technology in order to become certified by the State of Florida. The Nail Technology program concentrates on the care and beautification of the nails of the hands and feet. After completing the necessary credit hours and services, the students will receive a Diploma stating that they have satisfactorily completed the course and will be registered with the State as Nail Technicians.


This program gives the student insight into the knowledge of nail technology. The program includes 100 clock hours of classroom training (Academic Instruction), and 140 hours of Practice and service requirements (Practical Applications) under the supervision of a Nail Technologist licensed in Florida. The student will develop skills in manicuring and pedicuring and learn all aspects of artificial nail work. In conjunction with the different technical courses, the students will be trained in communication, human relations, the prevention of infections, first aid and the business aspect of the industry. The students must have completed the study program comprised of 240 hours in order to receive a certificate of completion. To obtain knowledge, theory, and hands-on experience in skin care, facial treatments with or without the use of machines, in addition to the correct procedures in waxing, and massage moves. This program is based on clock hours completed.


Meet admissions requirements.



Course # Course Title Theory Hours Lab/Clinic No. of Services Total Clock Hours
TOTAL 192.5 67.5 100 260
HHSC 101 Ethic for the Esthetician 2
HHSC 102 Ecology and Sanitation 10
HHSC 103 Chemistry, Lash and Brow tints 8
5 10 13
HHSC 104 Skin Theory 85
HHSC 105 Theory of Facial Procedures and Contraindications 66
HHSC 106 Hands-on Facial Massage and Manual Extractions 41.2545
HHSC 108 Florida Law 5
HHSC 109 Electricity and Facial Machines 8 1.25
5 9.25
HHSC 110 Removal of Superfluous Hair 2.5 5 20 7.5
HHSC 111 Makeup and Eyelash Application 2 15
20 17

Payment Methods

Tuition and other registration fees are due on or before the last day to register for any given semester. Students should consult the Academic Calendar regarding the registration deadline. Students will not be officially enrolled in Healing Hands Institute until all fees are fully paid. Any students owing money to Healing Hands Institute, regardless of the debt, will not be permitted to register.

The selection process of Healing Hands Institute will allow for admission of students on the basis of the applicants’ academic credentials in addition to a review of all the information contained in the application, both academic and personal. For that reason, applicants may also submit letters of recommendation in order to give Healing Hands Institute a complete picture of the applicant, as a student and as a person.

Admissions requirements to specific graduate programs may vary – students should refer to the program descriptions found in the Catalog for additional information.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the Institute. An applicant’s total undergraduate record including grades, educational objective and pattern of courses completed, as well as personal and professional goals will be considered.


Quantity: 4
Equipment Item: Manicure Table
Tables used for manicures

Quantity: 4
Equipment Item: Lamps for Manicure Table
Brief Description of Equipment: Used to light the work surface of the manicure tables

Quantity: 2
Equipment Item: Pedicure Chairs w/ bowls
Complete Pedicure Set

Quantity: 4
Equipment Item: Manicurist Chairs
Brief Description of Equipment: Chairs for Students to sit on while performing a manicure

Quantity: 4
Equipment Item: Client’s chairs
Brief Description of Equipment: Chairs for clients to sit on while having a manicure


Equipment Item: Manicure Bowl
Brief Description of Equipment: Used to well the nails and fingertips

Equipment Item: Cuticle pusher
Brief Description of Equipment: Used to push and remove the cuticle

Equipment Item: Cuticle nipper
Brief Description of Equipment: Used to cut the excess cuticle and skin around nails

Equipment Item: Straight clipper
Brief Description of Equipment: Used to cut the nails

Equipment Item: 4 Way nail buffer
Brief Description of Equipment: Used to file down nails

Equipment Item: Pedicure sponge stone
Brief Description of Equipment: Stone used to remove dead cells from the sole

Equipment Item: Nail Brush
Brief Description of Equipment: Brush to clean the nails

Equipment Item: Toe Separator
Brief Description of Equipment: Used to separate the toes after the toenails have been painted

Equipment Item: White acrylic
Brief Description of Equipment: Powder for acrylic nails

Equipment Item: Pink acrylic
Brief Description of Equipment: Powder for acrylic nails

Equipment Item: Bottle of nail glue
Brief Description of Equipment: Glue for artificial nails

Equipment Item: Packs of nail tips
Brief Description of Equipment: Artificial nails used as mold for acrylics

Equipment Item: Orangewood sticks
Brief Description of Equipment: Stick used to clean and remove excess paint

Equipment Item: Nail cleaning brush
Brief Description of Equipment: Brush used to clean the nails

Equipment Item: Rubber plastic hand
Brief Description of Equipment: Artificially hand made used by the student to practice acrylic nails

Equipment Item: Tool box
Brief Description of Equipment: Box used to save the equipment

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