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Mission & Objectives


Healing Hands Institute’s mission is to provide quality post-secondary education and training to all students by preparing them for successful careers, professional advancement, intellectual inquiry, and community engagement, while assisting the graduate in securing gainful employment in his or her chosen specialty within the medical field. We seek to impart knowledge through quality teaching in our vocational courses, promoting well-rounded education, and preparing qualified men and women to function and thrive in diverse healthcare settings.


Healing Hands was formed to offer training courses in several modalities. As an integral institution our objectives include to support our vision to provide quality post-secondary education to all our students. The following summarizes our goals and objectives:

  • To provide a variety of educational programs designed to meet the requirements of various careers in the professional medical field
  • To create and maintain an adequate learning environment that supports our programs, allowing the students to develop the right skills according to the chosen program
  • To provide qualified faculty and staff for the professional development and growth of our students.
  • To create educational opportunities to our faculty for their professional growth
  • To assure our students a successful outcome in meeting licensing/certification requirements according to the chosen program