Healing Hands Institute was formed to offer massage therapy training programs and courses. In 2014 allied health programs were added.
It is the goal of HHI to provide student services to encourage individuals to acquire knowledge and skills to be productive members of society, to develop their healing arts, and to strive for personal excellence. Our Institute is committed to reviewing this purpose at its annual meeting to determine what additional training programs and student services are needed to meet the demands of the community.

Our Programs

For years, HHI has been committed to provide our students with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in their future careers.
Through training and classroom instruction, education in business ethics and practical application, we will give you a competitive opportunity in the career of your choice. Our programs are well structured in the fields of healthcare that are currently in demand.

Our Mission

Provide quality postsecondary education and training to all of its students by preparing them for successful careers, professional advancement, intellectual inquiry, and community engagement, while assisting the graduate in securing gainful employment in his or her chosen specialty within the medical field.
We seek to impart knowledge through quality teaching in our vocational courses, promoting well rounded education, and preparing qualified men and women to function and thrive in diverse healthcare settings.

We offer Bilingual Programs: English & Español

Our Programs

Our programs are built to facilitate learning and offer students the expertise they will need to stand out from the competition in the job market. We take pride in preparing students to succeed, not only in the classroom, but as professionals in their field of study.

Healing Hands Institute can help you find a profession that allows you to maintain a stable income and regular work hours to make sure you and your family are moving toward the realization of your dreams. Learn about our school and how we can help you move one step closer to obtaining the education you've always wanted.

We host an Open House the last Saturday of every month. Schedule My Tour Now

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Enjoy Getting Pampered

Stylists at our Salon are well trained in facial treatments and massage services.